About us

Train Treats is a loyalty company that will bring together likeminded rail users and businesses for everyone’s benefit.

Train Treats is the brainchild of Lyndon Hancock who while visiting a number of businesses around railway stations as part of his job as a sales professional thought why can we not bring the pleasures of travelling by train with using all of the excellent local independent businesses around them. He developed the following proposition around the fun of train travel, the excitement of exploration and the pleasure of getting a real treat with exclusive discount just for members of the club.

“At Train Treats we love travelling by train and exploring the many towns and villages on the rail network and specifically the Manchester to Leeds line. We think that the areas around the different railway stations are full of character and great to explore. Why bother to do this by car when the trains allow you to relax and enjoy without all the pain of traffic jams and finding a parking space.

To make exploring even more fun we love discounts and so we have developed Train Treats. Train Treats allows like-minded businesses in the areas around each Station to partner with us and offer you exclusive discounts to enjoy their Food, Drink and Services at a great price especially for you. The discounts are up to a 20% reduction on the specified products listed. You can see the discounts and terms and conditions for all businesses at our website so you can plan your exploration of each area.”
"We aim to become a driving force for local businesses and communities in the North of England
in a potentially unstable economic climate"
Lyndon Hancock
Company Director

Coming soon!

More Train Lines, Stations and Establishments
to add extra choice and value